Knocking, Parks and Druggies, Oh My!

Yo yo yo how’s IF town?! 

Because Mathew and precious got baptized we don’t have any progressing investigators currently.  Meredith’s mom isn’t a fan of her coming to church or joining the church so that’s a big obstacle. We are hoping to get both of them to a session of conference though. 

A lot of our former investigator’s have moved or is in prison now… Awkward… We are really close to activating a less active lady in our ward which is something we are excited about. She has come twice in a row and met with the bishop so she is doing awesome! So our finding techniques have brought some interesting stories for the week… I will share a couple with you. 

It was Wednesday or Thursday and we had run out of people to try on our list of formers and we were sitting there like okay what should we do now. And I had no ideas coming to mind so I said a small prayer that we might have some inspiration. Sister Smith said, “Let’s go to the park.  So we did.   We had some candy in our back seat. Like a bunch of nerds that we never eat. So I pulled them out and went to give away candy at a park.  Yes that’s what we did. People actually accepted candy from strangers at the park, haha. But the first guy we gave candy to,  we ended up talking to, sharing a message, and getting his number! Success! We couldn’t believe it worked it was so funny.

So this happened last night.  Anyway, once again we decided to go to the park. It was a different park though. This one is near the bottom of our area and we had passed it and seen some homeless people there before so we thought okay we will just go drop off some food and do a nice deed. We keep this bag of grapefruit, cuties and granola bars in the car for such instances. We ran into these two people in the park. A couple, 18 and 19 years old. They had just been kicked out of their Nana’s house because she is on crack and went nuts. They had a pretty sad story and both of them have had really hard lives. It’s sad what drugs do to families. They tear them apart. These two are the only clean ones in either of their families. But they were so thankful for the food. We ended up giving them what we had left of the food.  We honestly just couldn’t leave them there in the park for the night. That’s where they were planning on staying but that place is so unsafe. A lot of druggies and creeps hang there and it wouldn’t have been safe for the girl to be there at night. So we exchanged numbers and gave them the employment service number as well. They really appreciated it and after we had shared a short message hey said they felt like things could get better and that they might be okay. I hope they will start to feel that hope the Spirit brings. 

Yep been a fun week and met some cool people, some crazy people, been offered drugs twice, been real great. To be real honest I have a lot of stories from this week, but most of them Will have to be saved for when I get home. One day I’ll refer to my journal and tell you them all!

Oh also yesterday was a great Easter. I actually had to give a talk in sacrament meeting. My talk was based off of Elder Oak’s talk “strengthened by the atonement of Jesus Christ”. Read it! It’s awesome. And it actually was less scary giving a talk this time, maybe I’m getting used to talking in front of people haha.

Now for the question of the week:  who is better? ! batman or superman… First of all who is better like in a fight or just like as a person? Let’s be real here- I’m way better and cooler than both of them so why even waste time talking about them when you could be talking about me?😏

 Hope I answered all of your questions!  Haha it’s been a really interesting week like so many funny things have happened.  But I guess that’s what happens when you try to talk to just about everyone! We were able to have a small Easter celebration last night actually. We went to the church with some of the Elders and we all dyed eggs together and then had a big game of hand and foot. It was a fun activity and made it feel a little special and different from every other day!

My testimony of my Savior, where do I even begin. Jesus Christ is truly the life and light of the world. Because of him we are not only made clean of sin but we are comforted in every trial, pain and affliction we ever encounter. He suffered for each one of us individually. And he did it so that we can all live in heaven with our Father again. The atonement works in so many ways. It cleanses us from sin, eases guilt, and strengthens us. I know my Savior understands how I feel physically, mentally and emotionally. He understands so perfectly. The greatest thing he did was overcome all of those pains. He lives and because of that I know I can overcome and I can live again. I want to follow his example. While Easter is an important day, it’s not the only day we should remember this. We need to keep him with us always. I know that He brings hope to the world and that’s what so many people need right now. So many are searching for something better but they don’t know how to get it. This gospel, His gospel, is the way they can. They can end their search and be happy. That’s why we missionaries are out here. We want to help people realize their full potential and the eternal happiness they can have. Our purpose is to invite others to come unto Christ by helping them receive the restored gospel through faith in Jesus Christ and his atonement, repentance, baptism, receiving the gift of the Holy Ghost and enduring to the end. How great is our call? My call!

 Love you all. Peace out.

Sister Packer

We had an investigator call on us!


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