Two Bottles of Wine

Letter from Maech 21, 2016

Well a few interesting things happened this week. First of all we went to Yvette’s and John’s for dinner. We planned on the Elder’s coming over around 8:30 because they wanted a blessing. John is not a member and was investigating, he’s the one that dropped us a few weeks ago.  So the Elder’s came and we had a spiritual thought. And it was great I felt like we really got to understand him and where’s he at better and his blessing was beautiful. We had a great spirit there. So we left but Yvette had wanted a blessing on the house too and the Elder’s forgot to do it. So Wednesday we all went back and after the elders gave the blessing, somehow we ended up talking about keeping the spirit in our homes and that led to the word of wisdom… Long story short we left with John’s two bottles of wine. I somehow ended up asking if we could take them… Not sure how the question came out of my mouth. But Sister Smith bore her testimony and It was a powerful moment. John felt ready for that, but not the cigarettes. Hey- baby steps. And as of yesterday at church he has been sober. Right on!

So The fireside was great. Fireside around here are different than ones at home just because you really have to work hard to get a lot of participation. But anyway we had people come so it was awesome. Someone told us it was the turnout they usually get for stake activities so thanks to our ward for the support. There were about 8 investigators present (including John) and they all enjoyed the program and the social afterwards- probably cause of the brownies. Anyway all the musical numbers went great. Mom I’ll send you a copy of our program cause I don’t think I could give you a play by play right now haha. We did a hike this morning for pday. Sister Smith accidentally grabbed a cactus which of course hurt her but was also pretty funny.



Oh yeah we had a baptism this week. Probably shouldn’t forget to tell you that! Mathew and Precious got baptized. We were super excited for them. Haha but now that they are baptized we have zero progressing investigators and could be dropping or dropped by the other three this week. Gonna be doing a lot of finding this week. We can’t do a lot of knocking in this area so maybe we will hit up the parks again.  We don’t have a real solid plan right now but hopefully we can get creative.  We have done chalk pictures of the plan of salvation in the park and then the fireside. Oh yeah and I made a song about the plan of salvation. I sent it to you. It’s not the greatest but kids enjoy it ,haha.


Love you guys so much!  Sister Jessica

PS:  So their are a lot of people in my zone. My zone leader’s are Elder Farnworth and Elder Cousin’s. District leader is Elder Dillworth and Elder Day. Then there is Elder Reyes and Elder Degrange, Elder Cunningham and Ames, Elder Taylor and Elder Young, Sister Handy and Sister Reed, Sister Harrop, Sister Tanner, Elder Arnold, Elder Pattenson, Elder Christensen, and I can’t remember all of them sorry!



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