It’s Been a Good Week

Letter from March 15, 2016

We started the week off with lots of meetings.  Tuesday was a follow up training for all the greenies and their trainers. So we all met together with the Passey’s and the AP’s for three hours😐. It was alright and interesting to hear about everyone else’s first month on the mission. Then Wednesday we had a zone meeting and that was pretty long too. But they introduced us to the new Easter message, if you haven’t watched it yet- what are you waiting for?  We talked about ways to introduce it to people and also ways it can lead into the message of the restoration. I don’t know if I mentioned this before but as a mission we have a goal that each companionship will teach the restoration at least once everyday. So we have been trying to connect everything back to it. 

The week went by pretty fast. M- and P- had their baptism interviews. They are 8 and 9 year old kids we have been teaching. Their family are refugees from Africa. Anyway apparently in M-‘s  interview he told Elder Dillworth he was going to smoke, he was trying to give the Elder a hard time and thought it was pretty funny. He was.

The best day this week was definitely Thursday. We taught the restoration, or at least principles of the restoration, FIVE times. Two were in our lessons for De- and Ro- because both of those were trying to help them understand how the Book of Mormon is different from the bible and answer their questions about Joseph Smith. Another was a referral we got, I’ll tell ya about him, another was a dude in the park, and the last was our dinner message. We were on fire, it was a great day. 

So this referral was from some Elder’s who had contacted a guy on the street but didn’t live in their area. His name is J- and this dude is pretty dope. Super chill guy. It sounds like he has seen some pretty rough stuff- had a cousin killed by a gang last year. He raps too! He rapped with freaking Ludicrous before Benson!!!😱  He ready and wants to change his life though. He’s been trying to get over some addictions and he wants to provide a good life for his daughters. We have tried to meet with him again after he cancelled our next meeting so hopefully we can get him sometime this next week. 

We extended the baptism invite for Ro-. And the thing that she is hung up on is that she won’t be going to the church she’s at now. She has friends there and doesn’t want to leave them. Me and Sister Smith aren’t sure she has really gained a testimony of what we are teaching yet. She really likes the social aspect of us coming over and loves Yv- who we bring along. But she said she is going to think about. 

Friday and Saturday we’re supposed to be full days but all of our appointments cancelled both days. One fun thing we did Saturday with all the time was a picnic at the park with the Anzak family. The ones we went to the temple with. Anyway we met them in the park and then with chalk we drew out the plan of salvation. We ended up having like five other kids come help us draw. It covered a huge area.  We didn’t draw any new investigators like we were hoping for but it was still fun! And who knows maybe someone will see it, be curious and go to! We wrote that at the bottom of it. 

OH YEAH. I almost forgot. Guess who’s a bike mechanic. ME. Yep, me and Sister Smith knew we weren’t going to have enough miles for the month so we went to check out some bikes in storage. And Elder Wagoner showed us four bikes but there was something wrong with each. So after two hours we had made two working bikes! And so now we bike when we don’t have to go too far. So basically we can bike in the southern part of our area but if we head up north we have to take the car. 


The fireside is coming along great, haha or so we hope. It will be this next Sunday and we are excited and we’ve been inviting everyone. I have not come across Elder Judy but Sister Inman from the MTC said she knew him. And she said he was a super awesome kid. The weather hasn’t gotten super hot yet and probably won’t for another month. Well sounds like you guys had a really fun week! Love you!

Sister Packer😜

Today (Monday) Maggie Taylor and Sister Huntington, the two loveliest most awesome people in the ward took us to the San Havier Mission.  It’s a big Catholic Mission about thirty minutes south of  Tucson and it’s SO cool! It’s one of those Catholic cathedrals built in the 1700s. The mission was started when the Spaniard’s came to Mexico way back in the day and came to or preach to the Indians in here. So it’s still on the Tohono O’odam Indian reservation. It was really cool to see the mix of the two cultures.




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