Rejection Seems to Be the Theme This Week

Letter from March 8, 2016

Well this week we have been rejected. A LOT. We just keep getting turned down by everyone. For what or why, I don’t know. We have been trying to visit all the less actives and part member families on our list. Anyway, we have been told so many times this week that they aren’t interested and not to come around anymore. sweet. One guy even peeked out his blinds to see who was at the door, saw me and wouldn’t answer. It was kinda funny actually. And on the same day we had one of the dry mormons in the ward tell us they don’t believe any of it (the gospel) and another less active tell us she doesn’t even believe in God or an afterlife. What the?! She got baptized for her son?? And then one of investigators, John broke up with us. And he did it through his wife. Yeah that was a heartbreaker right there. He still came to church with her and he even brought us extra bread (he works at panera bread and brings us bread to church) probably because he felt bad about not meeting with us anymore. You should feel bad John, you should!

The mission wide goal for the month of March is to teach the restoration at least once every. single. day. So far we have been able to do it! Sometimes it ends up being our dinner message, but that is our last resort. And its not bad either because everyone can benefit from hearing the restoration. 

 Sister Smith got sick Monday and we were doing exchanges that night for Tuesday. So Sister Jones is the STL, Sister Training Leader who I was supposed to go with and her comp was sick so our comps just stayed sick for Tuesday and tried to get feeling better and stop throwing up and I went with Sister Jones. It was interesting. It was fun to see how she did things differently than Sister Smith and what they did similarly.The fun part was they have bikes. Bikes and a car. I guess when they got into the area the car was already over miles so they found bikes. We biked for most of the day and I was a little red by the end of the day.  It was a hard but really good day. 

Another fun part of the week was Wednesday when I hit my One Month Mark! YAY!. I can now tell people I have been out a month instead of saying like two weeks or something. We celebrated with Costa Vida.

We taught Denise again this week. She has a lot of questions about the Book of Mormon. What she is mostly concerned about is wearing the “armor of God”. That was something Sister Smith felt she should talk to her about previously because her neighbor kept “casting” spells on her and demonic crap (Woohoo!!!) and so she was worried about that. She has had a priesthood blessing before about a month ago and she wanted another one so Friday we got some elders over there and they gave her a blessing and also blessed the house. Hopefully that helps her. #Gospel > Magical Mystic Crap

I finally met another one of our investigators- Meredith. It was actually supposed to be a drop lesson because she wasn’t keeping commitments and was always cancelling lessons but then she was all like this is the religion I want in my life so we didn’t drop her. 

We met with Rose again this week and taught the Plan of Salvation to her. I didn’t have the package you sent by then Mom, gosh dang it. But we will probably do a review lesson so I can use those then. Anyway she is still reading her BOM and was going to come to church but didn’t feel well on Sunday. She has  a lot of medical issues- most come from the addictions she has had in the past and still has currently. She still doesn’t understand the concept of priesthood power though. She still thinks her baptism in her other church was legit. Its a little frustrating because we know its not but she can only know by figuring it out herself.  We are praying to have some inspiration to effectively teach these principles to her.  Those were are only lessons this week with investigators this week!

Things have been good – I’m getting to run afterall. We live right next to a middle school and I got Sister Smith to come over to the track with me like four times this week in the mornings to run. She did really good. So I have been getting up at 6 every morning to go do that 🙂  Thank you for the package!! The visual aids are all super cute and are going to be very helpful and the clothes are awesome thank you mom!!!! It sounds like you all had a very entertaining weekend, what with the anniversary dinner at jaker’s and the wonderful redneck Hot tub night in the truck. Sounds like fun fam and I miss you guys! I am gonna send some pics of my cacti that I like. They are HUGE. I wish you could see the sunsets here because they are so awesome. The Fireside we have been planning is still on track. Crossing my fingers everything will workout okay. haha its gonna be DOPE. The missionaries in my district are all going to sing Come Unto Christ at it.  The elder’s aren’t too thrilled but we used our “great persuasive leadership skills” (AKA we got bossy)  and they agreed lol 😉 Love you,

Sister Packer


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